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Conformity is boring. Originality is beautiful.

Summer Lookbook 2014

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've been on Buzznet but I wanted to share my very first youtube video with you. I've been…
London Mckenzie
London Mckenzie Aug 30, 2014

My New Website!!!

A fashion blog reporting on the latest male fashion, celebrity style and the best independent online stores.
London Mckenzie
London Mckenzie Jul 20, 2013

London Mckenzie: Demi Lovato Reveals New Album Cover

Head to my blog to read the full article!!
London Mckenzie
London Mckenzie Apr 01, 2013

Hot or Not: Rihanna's $1 Dollar Dress

Check out the post on my new blog :)
London Mckenzie
London Mckenzie Mar 17, 2013

Style Obsession: Rita Ora

Out of nowhere, Rita Ora has taken over the world with her music and blown everyone away with her amazing style.The British singer has a…
Lady Gaga Releases 'FAME' Perfume Trailervid

Lady Gaga Releases 'FAME' Perfume Trailer

This is the first advert for Lady Gaga's first fragrance titled FAME the first ever black eau de Parfum. The advert is very dark and strange…

Nicki Minaj gets her carnival on!

Nicki Minaj is dressed for the carnival in her new music video for Pound The Alarm. Nicki is known for her bright and flamboyant outfits and…

Fashion Obsession: Bullets

I've slowly become obsessed with bullets after I bought a bullet belt last year. With more and more celebrities wearing bullets its not surprising how…

Miley Cyrus Gets Inked...Again

Miley Cyrus was snapped in Hollywood on Tuesday showing off her new tattoo! "So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls…

Fashion Obsession: Empty Casket

If your a fan of edgy, gothic, fashion you'll love Empty Casket jewellery! I first came across the upcoming fashion brand on Tumblr and have…

Marina & The Diamonds - Lonely Heart's Club Tour

Marina Diamandis, more commercially known as Marina & The Diamonds, has been busy promoting her new album Electra Heart round the UK and I was…

Top 10 Summer Essentials

nbsp; Summer is here and everyone is excited for the holidays. There are some great clothes and must-have accessories to create the perfect summer look. I've…
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